A powerful alternative to needle injections, combining nature’s life source ‘oxygen’, which pulses active ingredients deep into the skin for instant results.

BEAUTY-TOX Facial (60 or 75 mins)

The Number 1 anti-ageing facial that firms and lifts, plumping lines and wrinkles. Recommended as a course of five treatments with preferably two in the first week.

£58.50 | £68.50

OXYcool CRYO2 Facial (60 or 75 mins)

Enzymes regenerate ageing skin, lightening areas of pigmentation or combating acne. The cooling oxygen flow and CRYO2 tighten, vitalise and lift to give amazing results.

£68.50 | £78.50


Diamond discs perform a wonderful peel that leaves the skin feeling soft and silky and looking radiant. Low-level non-thermal light energy improves circulation, working on fine lines, pigmentation and facial scarring as required. Can also be included with other facials.

ChromaPeel Diamond Microdermabrasion/Colour Therapy (30 mins)


Book a course of three of any of the above treatments and save 10%; book a course of six and save 15%.